Qi Life Energy

Chinese character that gives us the word Qi means the human vitality or essential functional energy of life. It also means breath. It is the Qi that the doctor of Oriental medicine manipulates with acupuncture needle.

The character that gives us the word gong means “to cultivate” and practice. Qigong is simply stated, the cultivation of Qi or vital life energy; and has a profound effect on health. Beyond this, Qigong expands into a discipline of mental and spiritual development. There are many systems and traditions of Qigong ranging from simple type movements with breath coordination to complex auto regulatory type exercises where brain wave frequency, heart rate and other organ functions are altered intentionally by the practice. In extremely advanced levels of practice, the Qigong practitioner can transmit energy across distances.

The amount of Qi in the universe is always the same. It is never more or less. But the quality of Qi can change. A healthy mind coming from the practice of Qigong cooperates with the flow of Qi in the body. Qigong is good for overall health. Through the exchange of Qi, diseased Qi is removed and fresh Qi is gathered. Qigong brings about the removal of negativities that leads to worry, sadness, anger, nervousness, fear and stressful life. Thus, one is free to lead a happy and carefree life. If people want to maintain their health, the energy level in the body must be in balance. the emotions and the physical body must be in harmony. This determine the quality of life.

Finally, Qigong opens the heart. As one experiences the opening the heart, this allow the Qi from the universe to go to the entire body, removing the negativities and become a perfect well-being.

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