Areas of Expertise:

  • Acupuncture
    Chronic illnesses especially related to stress conditions resulting from chronic inflammation
  • Muscular-skeletal conditions and pain
  • Type II Diabetic complications as diabetic foot, and diabetic neuropathy
  • Overall well-being and balance



Acupuncture: Initial visit 90 minutes, for stroke patient (2 hours)


Scalp acupuncture

Trigger point Therapy

Laser acupuncture

Injury recovery:

Help for the healing process following a traumatic injury, surgery or motor vehicle accident.  Focus is tissue repair, pain relief and increase in range of motion.  May be acupuncture only or combined acupuncture / massage treatments, also laser acupuncture.

House calls are available for $96 (including 2 hours session)

Your follow up acupuncture treatment or cold Laser acupuncture is $80

Scalp acupuncture for Internal Medicine Diseases: Digestive system, pain in the limbs, muscles and joints.

Stroke patients

One hour’s session of scalp acupuncture for stress related treatment or insomnia, tinnitus or hearing loss is $85

Hours: Only House calls services!

Free 15 minute initial phone consultations.


Accepting cash and checks only

Payment is required at the time of treatment.

To prepare for your first visit:

Print and complete the intake forms

In your first session we will discuss your medical history, your current health concerns, and your health goals in addition to your treatment. Follow-up sessions consist primarily of treatment.

Please make sure you have eaten prior to your appointment.


Important forms for your 1st visit:

New Patient Form


I look forward to serving you!